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Vaadin 7 Cookbook

Vaadin 7 Cookbook
Название : Vaadin 7 Cookbook
Автор : Jaroslav Holan and Ondrej Kvasnovský
Издательство: Packt Publishing
Год издания : 2013
Страниц: 404
Формат : EPUB
Размер файла: 9,2 MB
Язык : English
It is really expensive and demanding to develop Rich Internet Applications from scratch. Vaadin is an amazing framework that contains many ready-made components for the creation of user interfaces.
Applications created in Vaadin are compatible with all the latest versions of web browsers. Although the screenshots in this book are from Chrome, examples can also run on other browsers like Firefox Mozilla, Internet Explorer, and Opera.
"Vaadin 7 Cookbook" contains many practical recipes that we have gathered during the development of Vaadin applications. This book will help you to take your learning experience to the next level by giving you many solutions to the common problems faced along with explanations. There is even more than that. Vaadin 7 Cookbook goes beyond the basics and shows you how to build Vaadin application for real-world scenarios.