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Build APIs You Won't Hate

Build APIs You Won't Hate
Название : Build APIs You Won't Hate
Автор : Phil Sturgeon
Издательство: Lean Publishing
Год издания : 2014
Страниц: 143
Формат : PDF
Размер файла: 13 MB
Язык : English
I've been building APIs for a long time now and it is becoming ever more common for server-side developer thanks to the rise of front-end javascript frameworks, iPhone applications and API-centric architectures. On one hand you're just grabbing stuff from a data source and shoving it out as JSON, but surviving changes in business logic, database schema updates, new features or deprecated endpoints, etc gets super difficult.
I found most resources out there to be horribly lacking or specifically aimed at one single framework. Many tutorials and books use apples and pears examples which are not concrete enough, or talk like listing /users and /users/1 are the only endpoints you'll ever need. I've spent the last year working at a company called Kapture where my primary function has been to inherit, rebuild, maintain and further develop a fairly large API with many different endpoints exposing a lot of different use-cases.