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    8 Seamless Topographic Map Vector PS Patterns

    Автор: admin 26-08-2014, 06:18 Раздел: Разное
    8 Seamless Topographic Map Vector PS Patterns

    8 Seamless Topographic Map Vector PS Patterns
    This free pack of topographic map patterns contains 8 seamless patterns in vector EPS, PNG and Photoshop PAT format, making them perfect for any kind of project. The repeating PNG images can be set as a website background, the vector patterns can be scaled to any size and the Photoshop PAT file allows you to quickly fill a massive area. I've made 8 variations of contour lines with different levels of line thickness, density and style.
    PAT + EPS + PNG | 8 Patterns | 13.1 Mb
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    Hearts Custom Photoshop Shapes

    Автор: admin 26-08-2014, 01:42 Раздел: Разное
    Hearts Custom Photoshop Shapes

    Hearts Custom Photoshop Shapes
    10 hearts custom shapes in a CSH file. Use them for Valentine's Day related projects, wedding invitations, greeting cards or anything else you might think of. The shapes are compatible with Photoshop CS3 and above.
    ABR | 10 Brushes | 32 Kb
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