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The Fall of the Templars » Информационный блог.
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The Fall of the Templars
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The Fall  of the  TemplarsАвтор:Robyn Young
Название: The Fall of the Templars
Издательство: DUTTON
Год: 2009
Формат: pdf

1295 A. D. The Christian empire in the Holy Land lies in ruins. Returning to Paris, Knight Templar Will Campbell is at a crossroads. He has sworn to uphold the principles of the Anima Templi, a secret brotherhood within the Order whose aim is peace, but peace seems ever more impossible. The Temple has forged an alliance with Will's enemy, King Edward of England, vowing to help him wage war on Scotland. Will now faces a bitter choice: to stay with the Temple and fight another war he doesn't believe in, or to break his vows and forge his own path to peace, even if that too means fighting...for the Scots. Will is unaware that an even more ominous threat is rising, for there is a warrior king on the throne of France whose desire for supremacy knows no bounds and who will stop at nothing to fulfill his twisted ambitions. The fight for the holy land is over, but the Temple's last battle has just begun.

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