» » Nathalia Brodskaia,"Impressionism"(Art of Century)

Nathalia Brodskaia,"Impressionism"(Art of Century)

Nathalia Brodskaia,"Impressionism"(Art of Century)
Название: Nathalia Brodskaia,"Impressionism"
Издательство: Parkstone International
Серия: Art of Century Collection
Автор: Nathalia Brodskaia
Год: 2010
Количество страниц:200
ISBN: 1844847438, 1844845923
Формат: pdf
Размер:62,4 Mb
“I paint what I see and not what it pleases others to see.” What other words than these of Edouard Manet, seemingly so different from the sentiments of Monet or Renoir, could best define the movement of Impressionism? Without a doubt this singularity was explained when, shortly before his death, Claude Monet wrote: “I remain sorry to have been the cause of the name given to a group the majority of which did not have anything Impressionist.”
19 июня 2014
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