Colour atlas of ophtalmology. (Third edition)

Colour atlas of ophtalmology. (Third edition)Автор: Arthur S. M. Lim, Ian J. Constable, Arthur Lim Siew Ming
Название: Colour atlas of ophtalmology. (Third edition)
Издательство: World Scientific Publishing Co Pte. Ltd.
Год: 1996
Формат: djvu
Размер: 1.6Mb
Язык: Английский

We are delighted with the numerous enthusiastic reviews that we have received from international journals of the first three editions of this book. We are of course pleased that the book has been translated into eight languages: Malay, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, French, Finnish, German and Portuguese and that it continues to be popular. In the last few years, new procedures and drugs have emerged. We have therefore updated every chapter to include the latest in ophthalmic management, but take pains not to increase the size of the book so that it can be easily carried around by medical students and residents in the clinics.
23 августа 2014
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