The Art of Pastel Painting

The Art of Pastel PaintingАвтор: Alan Flattmann
Название: The Art of Pastel Painting
Издательство: Watson-Guptill Publications
Год: 1987
Формат: PDF
Страниц: 152
Язык: English
Размер: 26.6 MB

Distinguished artist and teacher Alan Flattmann provides invaluable information about theory and technique as well as making crayons, designing proper studio lighting, and much more. Both amateur and professional artists will find this book informative and useful.Highlighted techniques include the painterly blended and the Impressionistic broken-color approaches. There are also illustrated discussions of concept and technique, mood and technique, mixed media, form and space, aerial perspective, modeling, and the importance of simplicity.
08 июля 2015
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