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Мир истории. Россия в XVII столетии
Автор: Буганов В.И.
Название: Мир истории. Россия в XVII столетии
Издательство: Молодая гвардия
Год: 1989
Формат: pdf-ocr
Размер: 13 Мб
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Третий (и последний) том серии "Мир истории", выходившей в молодогвардейской серии "Эврика" вслед за сериями "Мир животных", "Мир растений", "Мир океана" и др. Книга написана выдающимся историком В. И. Бугановым.
  • Дата: 26-07-2014, 00:43
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  • Автор: admin
eBay Listings That Sell For Dummies
Название: eBay Listings That Sell For Dummies
Издательство:For Dummies
Автор:Marsha Collier, Patti Louise Ruby
Год: 2006-05-01
Количество страниц:344
Размер:10,7 Mb
Discover the tricks top sellers use to grab attention
Create your own unique eBay selling pages with time-tested techniques
So you know your way around eBay, but you're not getting the highest bids for your items? Maybe your listings need a makeover! Here are all the techie secrets for taking better merchandise photos, writing hot copy and formatting it in HTML, "branding" your eBay store, making your listings look great on anybody's browser, and a whole lot more.
  • Дата: 26-07-2014, 00:14
  • Категория: Книги
  • Автор: admin
Hankey's Clinical Neurology, Second Edition
Название:Hankey's Clinical Neurology, Second Edition
Автор:Philip B. Gorelick, Fernando Testai, Graeme Hankey, Joanna M. Wardlaw
Издательство:CRC Press; 2 edition
ISBN: 1840761938
Размер:82 mb
Since the publication of the highly successful first edition, there has been an explosion of rigorous scientific evidence for interventions in clinical neurology. Hankey's Clinical Neurology, Second Edition is fully updated to accommodate the latest advancements in clinical neuroscience. Designed for students of clinical neurology, neurologists-in-training, and practicing neurologists who need ready access to a comprehensive, evidence-based guide to new and notable neurologic disorders, the Second Edition:
Contains a chapter solely dedicated to sleep disorders
Introduces a section on neuro-ophthalmology within the cranial neuropathies chapter
Reflects a more global approach, as each chapter is written by an international expert in the field
Delivers expanded coverage of degenerative diseases of the nervous system, with sections on dementias, Parkinson’s disease and Parkinsonian syndromes, and hereditary ataxias
Includes 440+ all-new, high-quality illustrations ranging from anatomical drawings to clinical photographs and pathology specimens, with many images taken with permission from the authors’ own patients
The structured text integrates presentation, pathology, radiology, diagnosis, and treatment options to provide a practical, patient-oriented examination of clinical neurology.
С красивым дельфином - Шаблон psd

С красивым дельфином - Шаблон psd
PSD | 2000x1600 | 400 dpi | 17 мб
Автор: Alexey84
  • Дата: 26-07-2014, 00:06
  • Категория: Книги
  • Автор: admin
Очерки Курляндской старины
Автор: Военский К.А.
Название: Очерки Курляндской старины
Издательство: не указано
Год: 1896
Формат: pdf
Размер: 62 Mb

Небольшое историческое исследование истории Курляндского герцогства, изданное в разных томах Исторического вестника объединено в одну книжку для удобства чтения.



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